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Eng 101 Mediation Outline

Eng 101 Mediation Outline - B The problem with blind...

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Jessica Luke Heather Murphey English 101 November 23, 2009 Mediation Outline I. Introduction A. State problem (People don’t listen to both sides of arguments). B. Blind followers (Give Obama and his administration as an example as part of the problem). C. State what I believe is the solution in general (Making educated decisions, researching before deciding what to believe). II. Body A. The problem with apathy and its solution.
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Unformatted text preview: B. The problem with blind followers and controlling leaders and the solution. C. The question: Why? (Why is this so important to do with making decisions?) D. Why are these important issues in our country today? III. Conclusion A. Explain how if young voters were less apathetic and made more decisions on their own, it would shape the next generation of leaders for the better....
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