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1. Pseudofeminist means that it is not genuinely feminist. He supports this with the statement, that in the commercial, it is the wife that was more dominant, therefore she should be happy that she is more dominant than her husband. However, Gail is unhappy, though she may be dominant over her husband, she isn’t the one making the money with a paying job, but she is helping support her husband in his career and preparing him for his, like a traditional role of a house wife used to be. Another example of pseudofeminism from this essay is that the commercial implies that women don’t need men to be happy, but that is how Gail gets the house she is living in, the clothes she wears, her happiness, from her husband’s job, therefore it contradicts the feminism that it had implied.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. The ad shows everyday situations and makes them more dramatic, to the point that it may look silly that they are that the people in them are acting that dramatic about the situation, people realize that they too feel this way sometimes about little things, the advertisers use this to point out that maybe something as silly as deodorant soap can impact a person’s life and that their product can help relieve the stress of these events because it is “better” than others. 3. The husband feels “soiled,” not because he is dirty, but because it puts stress on him that he has to go to work to keep the nice house they live in, it’s his responsibility to keep his wife happy, yet she doesn’t have a job (or so it appears)....
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