Mgt 501 - Jenny Unis Ethics – Mgt 501 M ike Ryman I would...

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Unformatted text preview: Jenny Unis Ethics – Mgt 501 M ike Ryman I would rate Mr. Ryman’s speech a seven. A seven because his talk to the class was rather “run of the mill” so to speak; this gave him a five. Since he did a great job answering the questions asked by the students, he gained two additional points. I found him to be a great public speaker. He spoke clearly and loudly (I really do appreciate that). Unfortunately, he did nothing to capture my attention. Since I was not particularly interested in the topic he was speaking about, having him sit at the desk the entire time instead of walking around/writing on the board/having a powerpoint presentation was not helping him to peak my interest. Thus Mr. Ryman, whilst being a great public speaker, only gets a seven out of the possible ten points. 1. The principles of the two-fold effect: What are you intending? & Will the good outweigh the bad? 2. The three things the gov’t wants when it is cheated are scalps (names), money (whatever is missing plus fines), and a third thing that I didn’t catch but would appreciate knowing. 3. One can go to jail for Medicaid fraud. One Question I would have liked to ask Mr. Ryman is what major he had in college. Also, whether his anti-fraud morale stems from his religion, his love of the law and our country (after all he is a military man), his passion for finance and t ruth, or some other source. Laborem Exercens 1. What is the meaning of work according to Genesis? This universality and, at the same time, this multiplicity of the process of "subduing the earth" throw light upon human work, because man's dominion over the earth is achieved in and by means of work. There thus emerges the meaning of work in an objective sense, which finds expression in the various epochs of culture and civilization. Man dominates the earth by the very fact of domesticating animals, rearing them and obtaining from them the food and clothing he needs, and by the fact of being able to extract various natural resources from the earth and the seas. But man "subdues the earth" much more when he begins to cultivate it and then to transform its products, adapting them to his own use. Thus agriculture constitutes through human work a primary field of economic activity and an indispensable factor of production. Industry in its turn will always consist in linking the earth's riches-whether nature's living resources, or the products of agriculture, or the mineral or chemical resources-with man's work, whether physical or intellectual. This is also in a sense t rue in the sphere of what are called service industries, and...
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Mgt 501 - Jenny Unis Ethics – Mgt 501 M ike Ryman I would...

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