''Abandon Ship'' by Seel'vor

''Abandon Ship'' by Seel'vor - Abandon Ship Authors Note...

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Abandon Ship” Author’s Note: Yes, it’s a self-insertion fic, I know, but there’s a reason for it. Promise. Dimension #1 Shortly after the defeat of Voldemort. .. Seel’vor blinked as he stared at the scene in front of him. It was. .. wrong! It was unnatural! Why the hell was he witnessing such. .. sacrilege! He cleared his throat, interrupting the kissing couple. “Excuse me?” Harry broke the kiss, looking up at the man who’d interrupted him. “What?” He snapped. “Who are you, and why are you interrupting me?” Seel’vor slowly raised an eyebrow. “To be frank, you little arse-wipe, I’m wondering why you’re kissing. .. her .” Harry looked at his girlfriend, then back at the scowling man. “Ginny’s my girlfriend. .. why wouldn’t I kiss her?” Because it’s Ginny! ” Seel’vor near-shrieked in disgust. “The Amortentia Queen! The girl who’s been stalking you since you were four years old! The girl who’s had more pricks than a second-hand dart board! How could you choose her over Hermione?” Hermione?” Harry looked faintly revolted by the thought of kissing the brunette. “Why would I pick Hermione? She’s practically my sister!” Seel’vor blinked. “Er. .. no? In what way is Hermione you sister?” Harry just shrugged. “She just is.” So. ..” Seel’vor was struggling to wrap his brain around the concept. “The girl who’s stuck by your side through thick and thin, the girl who helped you retrieve the Philosopher’s Stone, the girl who helped you solve the mystery of the Chamber of Secrets, while that silly little bint was actually causing the attacks, the girl who was almost single-handedly responsible for saving both Buckbeak and Sirius in your third year, the girl who did nothing but help you during fourth year while Ron and the rest of the Weasleys sulked-” Hey, Ginny just didn’t know how to approach me! She still supported me, I’m sure!”
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Harry defended weakly. “And you still haven’t told me who you are!” Seel’vor just carried on speaking, ignoring the interruption. “Hermione, the girl who helped heal your hand after your numerous detentions with that fat mess in fifth year, the girl you went ape-shit over in the Department of Mysteries, the girl who helped you during the Horcrux Hunt and saved your life on multiple occasions while Ron was hiding at his brother’s cottage. .. and you’d rather have Ginny?” Another figure popped into the living room, this of an older, blonde-haired woman. “It’s canon for Harry and Ginny-” She was interrupted as Seel’vor clicked his fingers, banishing her back into the ether. Who was that?” Ginny asked, fluttering her eye-lashes at Harry. That was a delusional woman who thinks that Harry should be with you.” Seel’vor said
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''Abandon Ship'' by Seel'vor - Abandon Ship Authors Note...

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