''Birth of a Dark Lord'' by Seel'vor

''Birth of a Dark Lord'' by Seel'vor - He lay facedown,...

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He lay facedown, listening to the silence. He was perfectly alone. Nobody was watching. Nobody else was there. He was not perfectly sure that he was there himself. Slowly, he sat up, looking around the area. A perfectly formless white light filled his vision for as far as he could see. With a frown, he stood up, looking around. This was most certainly not what he was expecting when he let Voldemort hit him with another Avada Kedavra . He was expecting. .. something , not a shapeless, faceless mass. Harry. ..” A voice said from behind him, prompting him to turn around quickly. What he saw. .. Dumbledore?” Yes.” The old man broke into a smile. “You wonderful boy! You brave, brave man! Let’s take a walk, Harry.” Harry didn’t move. “You’re dead.” Dumbledore nodded, smiling happily. “Yes.” So I’m dead now?” Ah, not quite.” The old man’s eyes twinkled. “You stand on the cusp, Harry. You can go on or you can go back. The choice is yours.” Harry nodded, and slowly fell into step next to him. There was silence for a few moments, until Dumbledore spoke. “I imagine you have questions, Harry. I know, if I were in your place, I’d have questions.” Several.” Harry shot back. “I’m just figuring out where to start.” With an amiable nod, Dumbledore said, “Take as long as you need. In this place, there is no time. What happens here will have no effect on the waking world.” After a moment, Harry decided on his first topic. “Let’s talk about Horcruxes, shall we?” Dumbledore nodded. “An excellent place to begin.” He steepled his fingers together. “As you know, Tom made his Horcruxes, starting right at the end of his Hogwarts career. The diary. Then he made the Ring, Locket, the Goblet, the Diadem, yourself and Nagini. When he fled from Godric’s Hollow in 1981, the final Horcrux he was planning to make backfired, and that piece of sheared off soul rushed into the only thing that would support it. You.” Harry nodded, his eyes narrowing imperceptibly. “So. .. I’ve been a Horcrux since 1981?” Indeed.”
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And you knew?” The accusation in Harry’s voice was impossible to miss. Dumbledore hesitated, then nodded. “Yes.” He said heavily. I remember. .. back in second year. .. you said that night, when Voldemort came for the Potters. .. ‘he transferred some of his own powers to me the night he gave me the scar’. That’s what you said.” I did.” But. .. he didn’t just give me some of his powers or abilities. .. I got a piece of his soul.” Again, Dumbledore nodded. You knew, all this time, that I had a piece of this bastard’s soul attached to mine, and you did nothing ?” What would have had me do, Harry?” Dumbledore asked feebly. Remove it!” Harry roared. “How about bloody tell me?”
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''Birth of a Dark Lord'' by Seel'vor - He lay facedown,...

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