''Bun in the Oven'' by Seel'vor

''Bun in the Oven'' by Seel'vor - Wednesday, 1st November,...

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Wednesday, 1 st November, 2000 Master Bedroom, #12 Grimmauld Place, London Let me die. .. The thought, if such pitiful whimpering could be called ‘thought’, was the first thing that flashed across Harry’s mind as he began to stir. His bed seemed particularly uncomfortable this morning, although that was probably related to the absolutely momentous hangover he was currently sporting. He took a moment to ‘run a diagnostic’. Okay. .. my mouth feels like I swallowed the contents of an ashtray. .. do I smoke when I’m drinking? My head’s banging. .. That must be where all the garden gnomes go at the Burrow. .. they hide until I’m pissed, then grab hammers and abuse me. Little twats. .. Also, I don’t remember eating those snakes. .. why’s my stomach roiling so badly? Oh, yeah. .. I didn’t eat anything yesterday. Diagnostic complete. Situation: bleugh. .. Harry was very glad that he’d booked the rest of the week off work. He really didn’t fancy chasing Dark wizards around the country with the hangover from hell. He froze. Oh god. .. He thought. Something moved. .. something that wasn’t me moved? Oh, shitehawk, who did I bring home last night? Using his Occlumency, which wasn’t easy considering there was still quite a lot of alcohol in his system and he was badly dehydrated, Harry dredged up the memory of the previous evening. Flashback: Tuesday, 31 st October, 2000 Wet Wands’ Harry Potter was drunk. Not just drunk, but drunk . As usual, the gang had gathered at Wet Wands for an evening of drinking, eating and general debauchery. The date, Halloween, was no coincidence. It was widely accepted among his circle of friends that Harry only drank on four
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occasions during each year; a small glass of FireWhiskey to ‘bring in the new year’, a single champagne toast on Hermione’s birthday (which made each and every one of his friends roll their eyes at his utter thickness), another small FireWhiskey on June 26 th , the anniversary of his godfather’s death, but on Halloween, he got wankered . Completely. Utterly. As such, being good and loyal friends, the semi-small group made sure that Harry wasn’t alone on Halloween. In ’98, after He-Who-Now-Fertilises-The-Pumpkin-Patch had been defeated, Harry had stayed alone at Grimmauld Place, telling his friends he wanted a night of quiet introspection, and sealing up the house to insure his privacy. The two-week stay in hospital, complete with having his stomach pumped and his heart restarted (twice) had convinced his friends that Harry should never be left alone on Halloween. Hermione, naturally, had been utterly distraught over the situation, and had received a written warning from the Ministry about her absence. She’d ignored it, though. Whenever the group had a night out, the typical agenda was as follows: the first hour,
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''Bun in the Oven'' by Seel'vor - Wednesday, 1st November,...

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