Flames of Betrayal - Editor's Note: This is all of the...

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Editor's Note: This is all of the snippets from Hellishlord's "Flames of Betrayal" that he's posted, both at Seel'vor's and on TFF. I put them into the correct chronological order except for the Egypt scene. I don't know where that's supposed to go, so I inserted it as a flashback in "The Weasleys". — Nick Flames of Betrayal Lord of Bones Table of Contents. 1. Voldie re-absorbs Horcruxes 2. Cypher3au's Tonks' Scene – Pre-Disownment 3. Disownment Mk. 1. 4. Disownment Mk. 2, hance1986 style. 5. Harry: The Apprentice Years 6. Pre-Diagon, post-disownment. Dumbles tries to enter Serpent's Coil. 7. Order after above, lead in to Diagon Alley revelation. 8. Diagon Alley revelation. 9. Order's reaction 10. First Serpent's Coil confrontation after Voldie's revelation. 11. Scrimgeour's reaction to Harry's refusal, and the ministry's first attempt. 12. Dumbles bluffs and Harry calls him on it: Two years post Hogwarts. 13. Voldie's reaction to above. 14. Right after Coil confrontation, Order learns of Harry's letter to Big V. 15. The Supreme Council of the ICW 16. Two years after, first boat scene. 17. Draco vs. Granger-Greengrass 18. Voldie bitch-slaps Draco. 19. Voldie taunts Dumbles about the Granger/Greengrass refuge boat. 20. Lily leaves, after G/G refugee boat leaves, pre boat arrival. 21. Second boat scene, guardian beast encounter. 22. Boat arrives at Serpent's coil. 23. Grangers and Harry 24. Grangers and Lily 25. Death of Dumbledore's Spy 26. Voldemort vs. Ministry 27. The Weasleys 28. Flashback Insert – Egypt 29. Aaron broods 30. James laments 31. Endings…? 32. Alternate Disownment 33. Alternate Ending
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Voldie re-absorbs Horcruxes The dark room was quiet, as still as the grave, until a door opened. The robed figure that stepped through the entrance assessed the room, taking in the ancient grimoires and dark magical artifacts, taking particular note of a silver-trimmed hooded black robe and a yew wand. A wave of the figure's hand dispelled the illusion over the floor, revealing a seven-pointed star drawn in blood. The seven-pointed star blazed with black fire, powerful necromantic magic warping its center. At each point, a candle was lit. The robed figure moved into the circle within the star, a wand in one gloved hand and a hooded robe in the other. Carefully, it set the artifacts in the center of the circle, before backing out, careful not to accidentally swipe the lines of the circle. The figure gestured and a wraithlike shadow swept into the circle; a shadow with a chalk-white face and blazing red slits for eyes. A voice, high, cold and menacing echoed throughout the otherwise unlit room. "Now, Marius!" The robed man nodded, summoning a book from the pile and carefully opening it to the required page. He began to speak, a black, foul tongue that had been forgotten by all but the darkest wizards. "Thou who art first of the undying, thou who art lord of Hopelorn…"
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Flames of Betrayal - Editor's Note: This is all of the...

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