''Fools'' by Seel'vor - Disclaimer: Harry Potter is the...

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Disclaimer: Harry Potter is the intellectual property of JK Rowling, and the fiscal property of JK Rowling, Bloomsbury Publishing, and Warner Bros. No profit has been made from this work. Albus Dumbledore was a happy Mugwump. His plans had finally been completed, and he was relishing the fame and attention he was receiving. The plans had been complex, difficult and prone to discovery, but somehow, he’d persevered. For just under twenty years, he’d been working on his plans to defeat the Dark Lord Voldemort. Ever since he’d heard a genuine, gold-plated prophecy, he’d had to step in and take control of the weapon. Enter Harry James Potter, weapon to the side of the Light. He’d been moulded, trained and conditioned to be a good little tool. And now that the war was over, Dumbledore was being recognised as the man who trained the Wizarding world’s saviour; the man who was ultimately responsible for the defeat of Voldemort. His plans had been complex, and had required a lot of work. Getting the boy completely under control had burned through his political capital, and a good portion of his liquid assets. Fortunately, he’d managed to override Sirius Black’s will, taking control of the entire Black Family estate, nearly a million galleons of hard currency. With those funds at his disposal, he’d been able to replenish his badly-depleted family coffers. The next plan had been to make certain that the young weapon wouldn’t be lured down the Dark path. A betrothal arrangement with the Weasley family had ensured that Harry would remain faithful to the light. A half million galleons to the Weasley vault had persuaded them to accept the agreement. The boy had been seriously enraged when he signed what he thought was an inheritance form, but was, in fact, his marriage contract. Once that was signed, the ‘deal’ was done. Even better, Dumbledore had a second level of security set up. Ginny Potter was only days away from giving birth to the Potter Heir, sealing control over the substantial Potter estate. Originally, he’d been worried about Hermione Granger getting in the way of the plan. Fortunately, a love potion and another contract later, and she was firmly married to young Ronald. She, too, was pregnant, and would be delivering just a week or so after young Ginevra. Yes. .. all in all, things were going very well. Dumbledore was sitting in his office, drafting some more legislation to present to the Wizengamot. With the ‘support’ of the ‘Boy-Who-Lived’ (who still didn’t know that Dumbledore was using his votes and fame to push through laws that Harry would never have agreed with), he’d finally be able to get the Muggleborn Control laws passed. Yes. .. very
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well. A knock on his door, made him look up. He never noticed the wave of magic that filled
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''Fools'' by Seel'vor - Disclaimer: Harry Potter is the...

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