''Harry's Notebook'' by Seel'vor

''Harry's Notebook'' by Seel'vor - Disclaimer: Harry Potter...

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Unformatted text preview: Disclaimer: Harry Potter is the intellectual property of JK Rowling, and the fiscal property of JK Rowling, Bloomsbury Publishing, and Warner Bros. No profit has been made from this work. Authors Note: Mr. Phoenix is c/o canoncansodoff. I think this was originally one of Hellishlords plots which he tossed out into the ether. I liked it and caught it, and here it is. Harry Potter was a smart, careful wizard. He was intelligent, but very understated. The girls knew this. The girls liked this about him. But what the girls really liked was Harrys notebook. Said notebook contained everything Harry thought about. But, it wasnt a diary. Oh, no. Harry wasnt boring enough for a diary. Hermione had gotten a glimpse of this tantalising book almost a year ago, spotting Arithmatic formulae (a subject that he didnt even take) for spell-modification. It was well- known among the study group that intelligence turned Hermione on something fierce. (A fact that Padma had more than adequately exploited, to the result of lots of gushy orgasms). But no-one had seen it since. Harry kept it in a specially-charmed section of his bookbag, that only he could get into with a very long Parseltongue password. (Hermione timed it, 29 seconds of hissing) Except... Harry had left it on the table in the common room while he nipped off to the toilet. It was calling to her. Almost screaming at her. Surely it wouldnt hurt if the study group were to just have a quick glance at it, would it? That thought in mind, Hermione snatched the book, thrusting it into her robes before pulling a small medallion from under her robes, tapping it twice with her wand. The summons sent, Hermione bolted out of the common room before Harry came back, heading straight for the SGC. The SGC, the Smart Girls Corner was a small section at the very back of the library. Hermione had discovered it while searching the stacks during her second year. It appeared to be a female-only area, where males couldnt enter. Inside were books on female-only magicks (primarily birth control, fertility charms and the Wizarding Kama Sutra) and a large table. Inside the SGC, the rest of the Study Group was waiting. As Hermione entered, she casually took note of who had attended; Daphne Greengrass, Padma Patil and Susan Bones. With Hermione, they made up an attractive, intelligent cross-section of the Hogwarts fifth year. Whats up, Hermione? Susan asked. Without saying a word, she held up Harrys notebook, prompting the girls to gasp in shock and pleasure. How the hell did you get that? Daphne whispered breathily. Like the other girls, shed happily ride Harry like a hippogriff until they both died of dehydration....
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''Harry's Notebook'' by Seel'vor - Disclaimer: Harry Potter...

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