''Huh... That's Different'' by Seel'vor

''Huh... That's Different'' by Seel'vor - Authors Note: The...

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The nouns used for Hermione after the accident; ‘hir’, ‘s/he’, ‘hish’ are taken from the Star Trek: New Frontier series, used to describe a Hermat officer (A Hermaphrodite species). Hermione opened hir eyes, grimacing at the candle illuminating the dorm room. S/he breathed deeply, noting a musky scent that wasn’t at all common in hir dorm room. With a muffled groan, the events of the previous twenty-four hours came rushing back into her mind. Okay, class, today we’re going to start making Polyjuice potion. Who can tell me about this?” Slughorn looked around, and saw Hermione Granger attempting to dislocate her own shoulder, her arm was up that far. He looked at Harry, his favourite, but the raven- haired boy subtly gestured towards the girl sat next to him. “Miss Granger?” Polyjuice is a metamorphic potion, allowing the consumer to become a physical replica of the person being copied, using a piece of that person, usually a hair. The effects last for one hour before the potion needs to be consumed again or the consumer will revert to their natural form.” Excellent, 10 points to Gryffindor. Now, Polyjuice is used extensively by Aurors, both for training with their partner, so they are aware of their partner’s limitations and physical attributes, and for surveillance, to ensure that the people they are watching don’t recognise them. Healers use this potion as well, partly as a training aid, and to desensitise them to seeing naked people.” Slughorn pointed to the board, where the page of the book detailing the potion’s ingredients and instructions was listed. “Now, this potion takes at least a month to brew, so you’ll be in pairs for this, using one of your cauldrons for making this potion while making other potions with the other cauldron.” Ron virtually hip-checked Harry out of the way to get Hermione to be his partner, both to get a passing grade, and to try and make up for his abysmal comments that morning, where he’d told her that, with a bit of effort, some make-up, a hair-cut and some time exercising, he’d probably be willing to date her. Harry had, after hearing this, immediately grabbed the nearest student (a second-year Ravenclaw called Mike. .. er. .. Mike something- or-other) and used him as a human shield as Mount Granger exploded with a force and vehemence that was, quite simply, breathtaking (if observed for very, very far away). Hermione immediately moved away, reclaiming Harry as her partner, as he was willing to work hard, put in the effort, was bloody good-looking and didn’t deliberately wind Hermione up. Bloody good-looking? Oh, damn it, not this again. I’m making potions, inner- lust, so go away and leave me alone. The inner voice slunk away, leaving Hermione with one grateful partner and one fuming friend, who was already muttering about Harry trying to ‘snaffle on his patch’. Ron had spent the best part of two months ignoring Harry, due to Harry’s attempts to
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''Huh... That's Different'' by Seel'vor - Authors Note: The...

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