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''It's All About Lily'' by Seel'vor

''It's All About Lily'' by Seel'vor - Seventh Year Boys...

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Seventh Year Boys’ Dormitory, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Friday, 4 th July, 1997 Victory over Voldemort Day Harry?” The young man in question, the guy who used to be known as the ‘Boy-Who-Lived’, but now the ‘One Chosen to Save Us All’. Personally, Harry was just waiting for either Seamus or Neville to start doing Lord of the Rings jokes. Shaking his head, since it’d been all over the damned place in the last ten hours, he looked up at the person who’d spoken his name. “Hermione... what’s up?” He glanced at the clock on his bedside table. “Good god, woman, it’s three am! Why aren’t you asleep?” Hermione sat on the edge of his bed, her entire body screaming nervousness. “Can we talk?” It didn’t take long for Harry to read his best friend, and saw that something was genuinely bothering her. He hauled himself upright, shuffling up and leaning his back on the headboard. “Sure... what’s wrong, Hermione? You look... terrified.” Sighing, Hermione shuffled down the bed so she was leaning against the end board. They were now separated by just under six feet of space. “I’m scared, Harry.” Scared?” Harry repeated. “Why are you scared, Hermione? It’s over now.” No... it isn’t.” Hermione said sadly. “Not for me... I’ve got something else to do.” What?” He blinked as realisation came over him. “Your parents... you need to go back and recover your parents, don’t you?” Hermione nodded. “Finding them probably won’t be too difficult, but... what happens when I restore their memories? They’ll hate me...” She whimpered slightly, but managed to get herself under control. She didn’t want to dump all her problems on Harry... after all, that’s what pretty much every witch and wizard in Britain had done. You’ll be okay, Hermione.” Harry said supportively. “I’m sure they’ll understand. They’re your parents; they’ll forgive you.” Promise?” She asked in a small voice, knowing that Harry was doing his best to cheer her up... and succeeding, too. Hey, the Harry Potter ‘Boy-Who-Lived’ guarantee.” Harry said pompously, before he cracked a smile. “You know it, Hermione. Stop fretting about it.” He yawned, before he
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covered his mouth and grimaced slightly at her. “Sorry... bad dreams.” Maybe I can help him chase those away... Hermione thought to herself. “Harry?” Hmm?” I’ve decided something... I’m leaving tomorrow to Australia.” Harry frowned slightly. “That’s not giving me a lot of time to prepare, Hermione. Can’t we wait a few days?” Hermione shook her head. “No, Harry. We aren’t going to recover them.” It took a moment for him to disguise the odd hurt he felt, but he managed admirably. “Why?” I can’t ask you to come with me, Harry.” She said simply. “You’ve given up so much for everyone... I couldn’t ask you to do this-” You’re not asking.” Harry interrupted gently. “I’m offering, freely and without coercion. Let’s not forget how much you’ve given up for me, Hermione... without you, I’d
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''It's All About Lily'' by Seel'vor - Seventh Year Boys...

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