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Unformatted text preview: La Blue Wizard An NC-17 Harry Potter cross-over fic. A/N: This was born sparked by a plot bunny posted by hellishlord in the Seel'vor Yahoo Group. It deviates significantly from his idea though, so don't blame him if you don't care for this story line Warning: This will be written under an NC-17 umbrella...not every chapter will contain NC-17 worthy material, but many will. It will eventually involve 3_or_4_part H/Hr/OFC, but not for a while. The story will also be multi-generational, and involve sexual situations and scenes that go beyond the kind of stuff I've posted previously. No rape/forced sex scenes, and characters will have attained the age of consent before it becomes an issue, but...there's a plushie scene in this chapter. James and Lily in a quasi-open relationship with other witches, and there will be some pregnant!sex that might make some readers uncomfortable. You have been warned. Also, I'm not into hentai, and have only picked up bits and pieces of the Shikima story from the Seel'vor group and wiki. There's near certainty that I'll muck up the "La Blue Girl" side of the story, so apologies to all hentai fans in advance. This story will stay firmly in the HP universe, with no current plans for Miko and her friends to make cameo appearances. Disclaimer: Not my characters, no money being made, etc., etc. oo00OO00oo Chapter 1: The Wet Nurse It took a few moments for Emmeline Vance to remember why she woke up with a smile on her face. It was, after all, a miserably cold and wet December morning, and smiles had been in increasingly short supply as Voldemort and his Death Eaters ramped up the rate of their attacks. Oh, yeshow could I forget? she thought to herself. Tea with Lily this afternoon. Looking at her bedside clock, the nineteen-year old witch decided that she could afford a few more minutes of lay-about. She snuggled back underneath her duvet, and wondered what her friend was doing right at that moment. Something that I probably wish I was doing, no doubt, she thought. It had been far too long since her last get together with Lily. They had seen each other at Order meetings, of course, but that was all about the War. And their schedule rarely allowed time to meet otherwise...between Emmys apprenticeship at the barristers, and Lilys job doing whatever she did at the Department of Mysteries. And then there was Lilys year-old marriage to James. Jamesnow there was a perfect excuse for a smile on a witch's face and a damp spot on her knickers. Lilys husband was, of course, part of the reason why the visits had dropped offgiven everything...
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La_Blue_Wiz_Ch1_to_Ch14 - La Blue Wizard An NC-17 Harry...

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