''Out of Time'' by Seel'vor

''Out of Time'' by Seel'vor - Disclaimer: Harry Potter is...

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Disclaimer: Harry Potter is owned by JK Rowling. All associated rights belong to Bloomsbury Books and Warner Bros Motion Pictures. Doctor Who and the TARDIS are trademarks of the BBC. Author’s Note: This is a companion piece for the end of Chapter 4 of my story “Harry Potter and the Second Chance”. I’m writing this because I’m so eager for the new episode of Doctor Who on Christmas Day, my brain’s churning out scenarios left and right. The TARDIS materialised with a thump, throwing the Doctor to his knees on the metal grating, before he pulled himself together. “Okay. .. so, this is where that disturbance is coming from.” He mused out loud. His mind was still a little shook from his recent regeneration, causing him to verbalise most of his thoughts, to give him the time he needed to work it through. He strode to the door, opening it and stepping out. Harry Potter, young wizard, was unpacking his new television from it’s packaging. He’d still need to charm the device to work off magic instead of electricity, but the journal his mother had left in the Potter Family Vault contained details about the charm he’d need. A wheezing/groaning sound filled the air. Before he could even think it, Harry’s wand was in his hand, pointing to the corner of the room, where a large blue box was starting to appear. Harry moved slightly, making sure he was in a good spot to blind-side whatever the box’s occupant was. When the door opened, a man stepped out, clad in a ridiculous outfit, even for the Wizarding world. Harry lowered his wand slightly, seeing the confusion on the man’s face. Unfortunately for Harry, his first words were not complimentary. “Well, you’re not human.” He said, looking the invader over. “Who are you?” The man asked, his voice indicating that he came from the Manchester area.
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''Out of Time'' by Seel'vor - Disclaimer: Harry Potter is...

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