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''Silliness at the World Cup'' by Seel'vor

''Silliness at the World Cup'' by Seel'vor - Authors Note...

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Author’s Note: This is a silly one-shot that’s been bouncing round in my head ever since I watched the re- runs of Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor Who . Harry Potter is owned by JK Rowling, while Doctor Who and the TARDIS are trademarks of the BBC. This one-shot is also a prototype for Quantum Leap. Dan strode into Harry’s flat, looking around anxiously. “Harry? You here?” “Yeah.” A voice called from the bedroom, before Harry came scurrying out. “Hang on a minute.” He closed the bedroom door, flicking his wand at the lock. “Okay, I’m done. What’s up, Dan?” Dan looked at him oddly. “Do you not remember saying we had to meet here? You know, we’re going to the Quidditch World Cup?” Harry nodded. “Yes, I do remember.” He glanced around the room. “I also remember that Hermione and Emma should be here as well.” Dan nodded. “They’re down in the Cauldron. We weren’t sure how we were getting there.” Harry grinned. “Why don’t you go and get them, and wait outside the portal? Trust me, as a fellow fan, you’ll like our transport and sleeping arrangements.” Dan gave him another odd look, before nodding, and heading out of the door. Harry unlocked his bedroom, before slipping inside. A few moments later, a bright light filled the room, and a strange wheezing, groaning sound filled the air. Dan entered the Cauldron, and sat down at the table with his wife and daughter. “Dad? Where is he?” Hermione asked, looking around the pub. Dan just shrugged. “He said to meet him on the other side of the portal. Our travel and sleeping arrangements would be there.” Emma stood, grabbing her handbag and backpack. “I must admit, I’m eager to see a Wizard’s tent.” “They’re supposed to be really good.” Hermione said, grabbing her own possessions. “Fred and George were telling me how they’re like an entire flat inside a small tent.” Dan looked eager. “It sounds cool. It makes me wonder about Harry’s flat.” “Yes, that’s also bigger on the inside than the outside.” Hermione said. “There’s no way a flat that size would have three bedrooms, or a living room that large. He must have used space-expansion charms on the inside.” The three passed through the portal, before glancing around. “Where is he?” Hermione asked, biting down on her lip. “What is it about blokes never being on time?” Dan’s head suddenly whipped up as he heard a strangely familiar wheezing/groaning sound filling the
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air. In front of him, a large blue box started to appear, as the wheezing/groaning reached a crescendo, and faded away. “You have got to be kidding me!” Hermione almost-shouted. The door opened, and Harry’s head poked out. His eyes lit up when he saw the three. “Ah! Excellent. Come on, folks!” He held the door open, beckoning the three inside.
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''Silliness at the World Cup'' by Seel'vor - Authors Note...

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