''Soul Bonds are NOT Cool'' by Seel'vor

''Soul Bonds are NOT Cool'' by Seel'vor - Disclaimer Harry...

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Disclaimer: Harry Potter is the intellectual property of JK Rowling, and the fiscal property of JK Rowling, Bloomsbury Publishing, and Warner Bros. No profit has been made from this work. Author’s Note: I’m sorry. This just. .. popped into my head. It’s fluffy and silly. .. I should probably just bin the file. .. Ah, Hermione!” Lavender exclaimed happily. “What marvellous timing!” Hermione’s eyes narrowed warily at Lavender’s happy tone. “Whatever it is, nobody saw me do it and you can’t prove anything.” Lavender blinked in confusion. “Er. .. okay?” So, you weren’t asking who left all the hair in the showe. .. Never mind.” Hermione said quickly. “Why is this ‘marvellous timing’?” With a slight shrug, Lavender held up the magazine she’d been reading. Hermione suppressed a grimace when she saw it was Teen Witch Weekly . “There’s a new article about soul bonds in here!” This time, Hermione didn’t bother to suppress her grimace. “Soul bonds? Why on Earth would you read about that?” Lavender gaped convincingly. “Hermione! How can you say that? Soul bonds are the most romantic things ever!” No, they bloody well aren’t.” Harry said, unnoticed, from directly behind them, quickly getting the girls’ attention as they all jumped. Hermione, naturally, knew that he was there. Lavender, Parvati, Ginny and Romilda nearly jumped out of their skins. H-Harry!” Ginny exclaimed, holding her hand against her chest. “Sweet Merlin, you nearly scared the life out of me!” You’re wrong about soul bonds.” Harry said, ambling round the armchair and slumping onto the couch with a heavy grunt. Why?” Because they’re not the most romantic thing in the world.” Harry grunted, closing his eyes and slumping even further. Spoken like a boy! ” Lavender snorted disdainfully. “Like you’d understand anything about romance.”
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Perhaps not.” Harry admitted, not opening his eyes. “I do, however, know quite a bit about soul bonds.” Harry.” Hermione said warningly. No, come on, Hermione. ..” Harry said, looking up at her, “they think soul bonds are so bloody marvellous. .. you’ve been bitching to me for almost two years about this. Why not let them know the truth?” Because it’s horribly embarrassing.” Hermione replied instantly. “And you know perfectly well that it’s horribly embarrassing.” Well, yes, I do. .. But, still. .. they think ‘they’re the most romantic things ever!’” He concluded in a mocking tone. Fine.” Hermione grumped.
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''Soul Bonds are NOT Cool'' by Seel'vor - Disclaimer Harry...

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