''They're Not Real'' by Seel'vor

''They're Not Real'' by Seel'vor - Harry sighed as at least...

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Harry sighed as at least a dozen post owls landed on the table in front of him, each of them trying to push the others out of their way so they’d be able to deliver their letter first. Normally, Harry would allow the birds to wrestle for a few moments, since it was funny watching them nudge and shove each other. This morning, though, he just wasn’t in the mood. One by one, he pulled the letters off, stacked them neatly next to his porridge, and sent the birds on their way. Taking a spoonful of his sweet oaty goodness, Harry opened the first letter, absently putting the inevitable photograph on the table while reading the letter. Behind him, a group of amorous young gentlemen had gathered, as they always did when Harry received mail, since it was the best place to spot semi-naked photos of top totty. Harry read the letter, glanced at the photograph, pulled out a self-inking quill, made a note on the back, and placed it back into the envelope, before shoving it into a pocket. The next letter made his frown, before he glanced at the photo, his eyes widening. “I didn’t think that was possible. ..” He muttered to himself as he made another note. Good morning, Harry.” A voice said seductively from the other side of the table. Glancing up, Harry spotted Ginny standing there, hands on hips as she waited for his reply. In less than a second, he’d looked at her uniform, deciding it was definitely against the dress code. Her school blouse had been shrunk until it was two or three sizes too small, barely covering her chest, while the bottom had been tied up just beneath her breasts, exposing a tanned, toned stomach. Her belt, for it truly couldn’t be called a skirt, was entirely too short. Jesus. .. one sneeze and the surprise is out. He thought absently. I just hope she’s wearing knickers. “Good morning, Ginny. How’re you today?” All the better for seeing you, Harry.” She replied breathily, making sure to push her chest out as much as possible. “May I join you?” Harry gestured at the bench opposite him. “Well, I’m just sorting through some mail, then I’m heading off to Transfiguration.” Oh, I’ll take whatever time I can get.” Ginny replied. “Anything interesting in the mail?” The usual.” Harry replied, opening another letter. “Gah. .. that’s just wrong!” Ginny leaned forward, spotting what looked like a photograph of a woman. Unfortunately, the photo was turned over, something scribbled onto the back of it, and tucked back in the envelope. “Harry?” Hmm?” He grunted, not looking up as the letter was placed into a pocket. What was that?”
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He glanced up. “For some inexplicable reason, women keep sending me nude photos with their letters.” Nude photos?” Ginny whispered dangerously. “People are sending you nude photos?” Yeah.” Harry replied, opening another letter, glancing at the photo with wide eyes, before he opened the letter and read frantically. “Interesting.
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''They're Not Real'' by Seel'vor - Harry sighed as at least...

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