L1Intro - Introduction to Microeconomics Lecture 1...

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1 Introduction to Microeconomics Lecture 1 Introduction Simon Cowan, MT 2007 Outline z Course arrangements z What is economics? z Techniques and tools z Demand and supply z Household choice Teaching arrangements z These lectures are at 11 am on Mondays and Tuesdays of Weeks 1 to 8 z The lectures continue into the first two weeks of Hilary Term z Tutorials and classes will be organized by your college tutors z The webpage has the course materials (reading list, lecture notes in pdf form and as Powerpoint Files) z http://www.economics.ox.ac.uk/Intra/Under/Prelims/PreMicro/MicPre.html z Intranet on the Department’s website z From the Intranet you can find past exam papers through OXAM. The current course was first examined in June 2007. There are also two specimen examination papers on the Intranet Arrangements (ii) z Today and tomorrow you will receive printed handouts from me, but thereafter you should print them yourself: please bring your own copies of the relevant handouts to each lecture z Simple mathematics is integrated into the teaching and will be taught as we go along. The key thing is to see how to use the mathematics to address the economics problems, and to practise this yourself The Microeconomics course z Households 1. Introduction 2. Preferences, utility and choice 3. Maths: Algebra 4. Maths: Lines and Graphs 5. Choices in action 6. Measuring the impact of changes z Markets (Hilary Term) 17. General Equilibrium 18. Welfare; Externalities 19. Maths: Constrained Optimisation and Applications 20. Maths: Constrained Optimisation continued 7. Maths: Sequences, Series and Limits 8. Maths: Functions z Firms 9. Firms, Production and Costs 10. Perfect Competition 11. Maths: Differentiation 12. Maths: Optimisation 13. Monopoly and Oligopoly 14.
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L1Intro - Introduction to Microeconomics Lecture 1...

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