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Ingram 1 C .I. SI# 810-57-9540 Tecza First Paper 14 February 2008 The Colonial Period and Constitution During the colonial era , it was a common misconception that the people currently residing in the colonies were oppressed and mistreated by the British and desperately wanted change . Most of the citizens of the original colonies were not opposed to the British rule , because what they saw across sea , was a republican style of government and thinking and that was very appealing . The main question in this essay is if we agree or disagree with the statement that “the favored form of government in the United States was not democratic but republican” (Ball and Dagger 32) . After learning and researching both sides of the argument it has become clear that this is an untrue statement . There are many facts and arguments supporting this statement but I believe the way our country was run and the way it was set up and now developed, that the colonies under British rule were in fact democratic with republican ways influenced by the British crown . The things that comprise a republic are not vague in any way throughout the history of our country . They are written in stone in our constitution and are exposed every day in the United States . This is a controversial and difficult to topic to understand , so we must first look at some key figures of this argument to fully understand the argument at hand . First, what is a republic and how was it shown during the colonial period and what affect it had on the framers when writing the constitution ?
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Ingram 2 From the mouth of Aristotle himself , it has been made very clear that he believed a democratic form of government was very weak and inefficient, and that a republic was the best form of government (Ball and Dagger 32) . Democracy to Aristotle was not a good concept because , Aristotle, being a very intelligent philosopher saw no place in government for the weaker less intelligent people . “To treat unequals as equals is inherently flawed” (Lecture 1- 17) . The standard definition of a republic is rule by the people of a country or state and not by one person . Niccolo Machiavelli described a republic as “a mixed government in which not a single class rules . Instead all classes share power as each checks the potential excesses of the others ” (Ball and Dagger 29). This is what Americans and foreigners residing in America saw in the British government . As noted earlier , colonists were not opposed the British government because of their style of government but because of the issue of corruption within the government . Machiavelli stated , “the greatest danger a republic faces is that it will be destroyed from within by corruption ” (Ball and Dagger 29). The colonist ’s perception of a republic as a result of what they saw in England brought them further away from what the ideologies of a republic really are . These ideals include liberty , rule of law, popular sovereignty, and civic virtue
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First Paper - Ingram 1 C.I SI Tecza First Paper 14 February...

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