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Consider what Athena says in Sophocles‚ Ajax line 132-33: It is moderate and sound-minded men whom the gods love, while they hate the wicked. Using examples from the Odyssey, Ajax and Hecuba, explain the irony of this statement and how Odysseus as a character both suits this description and resists it. Who changes more humans or gods? Anish Kanoria 17/10/09 It is a very fair to question whether the God’s love the sound-minded and hate the wicked. Numer- ous examples of interactions between Gods and humans can be seen in Sophocles’ Ajax and Homer’s Odyssey. Odysseus’ journey can be taken as a prime example to judge whether the above mentioned statement is true. The character’s transition should also be noted, and by a character I mean both mortals and Gods, because in the plays (Euripides’ Hecuba and Sophocles’ Ajax and Homer’s Odyssey) all characters have shown tendencies to change. Odysseus is a character that is often termed as a hero. But why? What is heroic about him? Yes, he does make an epic journey and gets reunited in with his family in The Odyssey. But is this enough for him to earn himself the title of a Hero. His idea of the Trojan Horse, is particularly commend- able an effort in the eyes of the Greeks. But, if one sees things through the eyes of a Trojan, things look different. Not only that, but a hero is only what one defines a hero to be. If one defines a hero as a someone who completes a journey that the Gods don’t want completed, then Odysseus cer-
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ajax - Consider what Athena says in Sophocles Ajax line...

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