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ancient civilisation - What makes an ancient civilization...

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What makes an ancient civilization One of the accepted definitions of civilization is "the stage of human social development and organization that is considered most advanced." Modern humans, as indicated by fossil evidence, seem to have originated only about 200,000 years 1 ago of 4.54 billion years 2 the planet Earth has existed. Civilization might provide us with the answer as to why or how the human race has been able to grow to be the dominant species of the Planet. On the other hand, an intriguing question is presented to us - some civilizations have been regarded as ancient or in other words outdated, implying that the race has moved on. What are the qualities of civilizations that have made them worthy of being called civilizations? Why are some regarded as ancient? And, does calling a civilization ancient imply a certain paradox - in the sense that "most advanced" is called ancient? A civilization could be as
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simple as a group of humans living together with primitive means of livelihood or as advanced as huge cities with thousands and thousands of people living, with strong administrative facilities, with armies, with technologies, a transportation network, etc. Taking the example of the Early Greek or Mesopotamian civilizations, the difficulty lies in defining how primitive or how advanced these might have been. One of the defining characteristics of the Kingdom of Sumer
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ancient civilisation - What makes an ancient civilization...

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