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Tutorial_5_READ_ME_FIRST_bio2581b_2009 - Tutorial 5 Systems...

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Tutorial 5: Systems Biology Week of March 16 th and March 23 rd The sequencing of the human genome in 2001 marked the beginning of a new era in biology that is dominated by two distinct, yet inseparable fields: functional genomics and systems biology. The field of functional genomics seeks to provide an understanding of the function, regulation, and interaction of ALL gene-products in a genome. By its very nature it has relied on techniques (microarray technology, mass spectrometry) that produce vast data sets describing the characteristics (e.g. expression levels, biochemical activity) of the genes/gene-products governing cellular physiology. This explosion of data has necessitated the development of philosophies and techniques – collectively defining the field of systems biology – that are aimed at understanding how the interaction of complex systems of genes/gene-products give rise to phenotypic variability. For example, consider the interactions of the many components of the lac
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