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Hordaland county - west norway Helgeland drive over Hardanger Vidda (Hardanger mountain plains) from Oslo to Bergen. You'll get to see loads of beautiful places and will be driving along valleys and fjords all the way on the way down on the west side and in Helgeland you wanna take some ferries around the island areas. One island and ferry harbor you should go to is Tjøtta. We have a house up there, and it's stunning! you basically wanna park you car on the harbor and take a walk around the place. just wander among the houses on the gravel roads mrtn says: (1:28:43 AM) take a trip up to the church and this mansion up there, and just walk where you can. hehe and then take the road to Sandessjøen. .. cause after 5 minutes you'll come the the "Soviet Graveyard" for fallen russian prisoners that died in one of the greatest disasters on the ocean in history the allied took down a german ship rumored to carry soldiers, but had like 1700 russian prisoners in it. so there's a big graveyard among loads of
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