2ndEssay-2 - Double Standards attaining to Human Rights Raj...

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Double Standards attaining to Human Rights Raj Brar 100800645 On Friday October 30 , Michael Jay Thomas was charged for the possession of child pornography. Thomas gained access to a computer in his workplace and composed stories involving incest and sexual fantasies involving teens . Unlike other child pornography cases, no images, videos, or names were present in his stories. He did not intend for his stories to be published, nor did he try to distribute them . They were merely a means for his own pleasure. After court deliberation, Thomas was sentenced to fourteen days in jail, and a two year probation period in which he is denied access to the internet , and must stay away from females under the age of 18 unless supervised. The case of Michael Thomas was unprecedented, and because he recognized his wrongdoings , I believe the crown ruling of fourteen days in prison was a violation of his human rights. Articles within the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights provide reasoning as to why the actions of Thomas are correct within boundaries . Also, many novelists have written similar material, but rather than be convicted of a criminal offense, have been critically acclaimed . Piers Anthony is a prolific American novelist whose books are mainly based in the fantasy and science fiction genres . In his novel Firefly, there are many sexual references, some involving children, however no significant controversy was created based on the content of the novel. Another example is the novel Lolita, written by Vladimir Nabokov . In this novel, character “Humbert Humbert” becomes obsessed and sexually involved with a twelve year-old .
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2ndEssay-2 - Double Standards attaining to Human Rights Raj...

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