3rd Essay - Torture & the Ticking Bomb Raj Brar, 100800645...

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Raj Brar, 100800645 The “ticking time-bomb” argument is a theoretical scenario which has been used to debate whether torture can actually be justified. The scenario states that there is a bomb planted somewhere within a city where X number of lives are at stake and you have captured the person who knows of the explosives whereabouts. Assuming the suspect does not comply with authorities , do you torture him to acquire the location of the bomb? Advocates of the argument have a straightforward response to the situation – there can be one casualty, or there can be many. David Luban , a professor of Philosophy and Law at Georgetown University, is a critic of ticking time-bomb argument. He believes the scenario is “narrow-minded” and provides arguments that cover all aspects related to the ticking time-bomb. He first points out the fallacy of the scenario itself, saying that in real situation , authorities would be less likely to have a suspect which they know for a fact is linked to said plot itself . He uses the example, where we suppose that at Camp X-ray there are 50 people and it is certain that one of those 50 people know the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden. Do we torture 49 innocent in order to get the answer? In a second argument , he questions the torture techniques themselves, and who would perform the acts, “Should we create a cadre of torturers , of interrogators who have been trained in the techniques and who have learned to overcome their instinctive revulsion against causing pain? Should universities create an undergraduate major in torture? Should there be a subspecialty of doctors who ensure grasping captives don ’t die before they talk? Who should teach torture doctoring in medical school?” He believes that, by incorporating torture into our judicial system
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3rd Essay - Torture & the Ticking Bomb Raj Brar, 100800645...

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