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Cultural relativism debate

Cultural relativism debate - to run Iraq in a brutal...

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Cultural relativism debate – My note Cultural relativism states that an individuals beliefs and activities should be recognized and understood in terms of his or her own culture. Around the world, people are free to express their own religious thoughts and beliefs. However, one’s act is not universally correct just because it is correct in their religion or culture. The largest argument is the nature of human rights. When a person’s human rights are violated, SOMEONE should step. In the modern case of Afghanistan under Taliban rule. Just because the Taliban say the oppression of women is “okay” doesn’t mean that we sit back and say, oh, well since it’s the practice of the Taliban, we’ll let it go. We don’t let it go. When the little girl who had acid thrown in her face for trying to attend school and learn, we were all appalled. Practices like this no matter what the case cannot not be justified by any means. Another example would be Iraq under Saddam Hussein’s rule. Just because he chose
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Unformatted text preview: to run Iraq in a brutal immoral way did not make it correct based on cultural aspects. In the end, his dictatorship was ended by external forces which stepped in. These are the reasons why we have peacekeepers, and organizations such as NATO and the UN. The UN is basically a controller of human rights. The declaration of human rights put forth by the UN was created just for this purpose, to prevent ones expression of culture from violating human rights. Im sure you have all heard of north korea and what role they play in the world today. There are threats that they have nuclear weapons, and how does the world respond? We try and stop them. Why? Because it threatens the safety of millions of human beings, and this is all what it boils down too. The universal freedom of security. ARGUMENT Certain cultural practices cannot be justified by any means – especially when human rights are violated....
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