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Dear Professor Luban, I’m a 1 st year student attending Carleton University in Ottawa Canada, and I am writing a paper on “Torture and the Ticking Bomb” in which you state your critique of the situation put forth. I just had a question based around one of your arguments and would greatly appreciate it if you could spare some of your time to reply. 1. You speak about having torture taught in schools, or having Doctors that specialize in torture/ “torture medicine.” Although having torture as a major discipline of study in academia itself is a little extreme, would you agree that if torture was to be allowed, having a knowledge of torture would create, overall, a better situation? For example,
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Unformatted text preview: the article speaks about a Pakistani suspect who was tortured and his captors were “surprised that he was alive.” With some knowledge of torture, they could ensure the suspect would not die, yet would bear a certain amount of pain. In no way is torture morally permissible, but it is almost certain that, even if torture was banned, it would continue behind closed doors. With this situation we get the “best of the worst.” I would appreciate your small critique of the above information. Your assistance would GREATLY appreciated! -Raj Brar...
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