MIDTERM NOTESL2 - MIDTERM NOTES What is psych Greek->...

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MIDTERM NOTES What is psych? - Greek -> “psyche” (mind) and “logos” ( study of) - Development of Psych - Prior to 1879, psych did not exist as an independent study - It was based on questions from philosophy and physiology - WILHEM WUNDT campaigned to make psych an independent discipline - Immanuel Kant identified psych as a study, but didn’t think it could be scientific - Wilhem wudnt – developed first lab in University of Liezpig in 1879 Wilhem Wundt - Introspection as a method for studying - Campaigned to make psych an independent study Wundts international influence - Many young scholars came to liezpig to study with wundt - Wundts students dispersed across germany and USA - The first lab in the US was established by G. Stanley hall - 24 new labs were built between 1883 – 1893 across Canada/US - Largest psych growth in US Structuralism VS functionalism - Structuralism was led by Edward Titchner while Functionalism was led by William james. - Structuralist’s believed that psych should be about analyzing consciousness into its basic elements. To do this, Titchner relied on introspection, a process by which a person makes careful systematic self observations of ones own consciousness - Functionalists thought this missed the point. James thought psych should be about investigating the function of purpose of consciousness rather than its structure. Who won?
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MIDTERM NOTESL2 - MIDTERM NOTES What is psych Greek->...

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