aladeriva-quiroga - Adrift[Story Full Text Horacio Quiroga...

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Adrift [Story. Full Text] Horacio Quiroga
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The man stepped on something white, and then felt the wound in his foot. He sprang forward, and turned with an oath that he saw a yaracacusú, rolled on itself, expecting another attack. The man took a quick look at his foot, where two blood droplets swelled painfully, and got the machete from the waist. The snake saw the threat, and his head sank lower in the very center of your spiral, but the machete fell back, dislocating the vertebrae. The man fell to the bite, the droplets of blood removed, and gazed for a moment. A sharp pain born of two purple dots, and began to invade the whole foot. Hurriedly tied the ankle with his handkerchief and went down the trail toward his ranch. The foot pain increased, with bulging tight feeling, and suddenly the man felt two or three stitches lightning, like lightning, were irradiated from the wound to the mid-calf. Difficulty moving the leg, a metal dry throat, followed by burning thirst, he snatched a new oath. Finally reached the hut and threw her arms over the wheel of a mill. The two purple dots disappear now in the whole monstrous foot swelling. The skin was thinned and ready to give, of tense. He wanted to call his wife, and his voice broke into a hoarse dry throat drag. Thirst devoured. - Dorothea!
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aladeriva-quiroga - Adrift[Story Full Text Horacio Quiroga...

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