3Origins of Chinese Civilization

3Origins of Chinese Civilization - Origins of Chinese...

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Origins of Chinese Civilization Ethnic Origins Pan Gu- creator of the world, just air in the world, lived a life of 18,000 years; rock split in two heaven and earth, eyes became moon and sun, flesh became dirt; legendary creator of god Hu Ji- bow used to shoot down 8 of the suns because world is too hot Huang Di- (Yellow Emperor)- forefather of the Chinese nation- original name (Xuan Yuan)- age of 370 after defeating competitors from Nan Chinese tribes, Annual Sacrificial Ritual devoted to Yellow Emperor, symbolize unity of Chinese people, writings came from Han or Zhou Dynasty; Peking Man- (500,000 years ago, Zhoukoudian, Beijing)- considered ancestor of modern man; transition between gorilla and modern man; earliest evidence of modern man; sewing work and hunting (evidence of technology in ancestry); between 500,000 and 100,000 years ago there was no evidence between two eras Neolithic Cultures (12,000-3,000 BC)- Yangshao- Upper Yellow River Basin- Shaanxi provide, Banpo village (5,000-3,000 BC)- vase painted in red black, etc; also found previous dwelling at Banpo village, remains of millet rice, silk, bones of dogs and pigs; bows arrows and spears; already know how to utilize silk; proves that dogs and pigs were domesticated; primarily lived a settled life with dwellings Shang dynasty (1600- 1046 BC)- Anyang- huge tombs of rulers of Shang dynasty found; accounts and collection of records in ancient times in tomb; oracle-bone inscriptions; inscriptions are original forms of Chinese characters used today; beginning of use of characters; hole made in the bone and cracks made on
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3Origins of Chinese Civilization - Origins of Chinese...

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