4The Making of Chinese Empires

4The Making of Chinese Empires - The Making of Chinese...

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The Making of Chinese Empires Ying Zheng- first emperor of the Qin dynasty Mausoleum of the First emperor- walls inlaid with bronze, ground has mercury to mirror rivers Terra Cotta Warriors- found in 1970s, lifelike horses carved, different section of the army portrayed, different faces with expressions and unique facial expressions modeled after real soldiers, stitches on sole of shoe made clearly Qin Empire: The First Emperor Consolidation of Empire 1. Centralized bureaucracy- established in the state of Qin and later expanded to the entire empire, divided into 36 administrative divisions, different from feudal system, bureaucrats held responsible by emperor and only served for certain time period 2. Standardization of weights, measures, coinage and scripts- Standard weight distributed and had to use scale against the weight 3. Ideological control – burning books; burying alive 460 scholars- different philosophies- Confucianism, Taoism, students embrace different ideas, emperor does not tolerate diverse philosophies; books of Confucius and others philosophers were burned, Legalism only philosophy tolerated 4. Construction of road networks- construction of roads between 36 provinces to allow military chariots 5. Construction of the Great Wall 6. Conquering the Yue in the south and Xiongnu in the north Han Empire- Rebellion initiated by people of Guangling and Ye, eventually captured Chang’an
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4The Making of Chinese Empires - The Making of Chinese...

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