8Daoist Religion - Chan (Zen) Buddhism Bodhidharma, 6th...

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Chan (Zen) Buddhism Bodhidharma, 6 th Century Northern Chan: gradual enlightenment (silent meditation); emphasize long term quest for Buddhism o Shenxiu (? – 706) The body is the bodhi tree; The mind is like a framed clear mirror. At all times diligently clean it; Keep it free from dust. Southern Chan: sudden enlightenment; enjoyed more and served as heir to master; liberation from worth o Huineng (638-713) Bodhi is originally no tree; Nor has the bright mirror any frame. Buddha-nature is always clear and pure; Where is there any dust? Both belief in sufferings; mind has impurities, find harmony between self and world; “Self Power”- no need to turn to others, self quest for enlightenment Chan meditation- traced back to original Buddha, Meditation: Sitting cross legged in place Sitting for hours, do away with anxiety, forget everything Move to next phase and forget self and purpose of meditation Independence should be forgotten and immerse self in world; Final stage: ENLIGHTENMENT; enlightened Buddhist should go back to normal life; and significant difference with others and different understanding of world Chan Buddhism more popular in elite class; scholars; retired officials
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Chan Buddhism 1. Undisciplined- wild ox; metaphor of mind; desires and anxieties and ambitions just like
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8Daoist Religion - Chan (Zen) Buddhism Bodhidharma, 6th...

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