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11Population and Economy in Imperial China

11Population and Economy in Imperial China - Years Qing...

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Years Qing dynasty started General idea- 6 th century – 8 th century Population and Economy in China After mid 21 st century- population slightly decreased 400-500 million was ideal, 700 million was carrying capacity according to resources Right now: necessary One Child Policy to make sure that living standards will improve, Population increased greatly after communist rule, fastest pace Since Song dynasty (10 th century), most populous ethnic group Before 1000 AD, population had reached mark of 50 million Chinese economy was modernized, increased to 100 million, SONG DYNASTY- industrial and commercial technologies increase industrial revolution Mid-17 th century and after- in 200 years, china’s population increased from 100 to 400 million Industrialization during 18 th century many jobs being created Factors behind population swelling during the Qing: 1. Unprecedented peace and prosperity- lasted till end of 18 th century; no rebellions or foreign invasions; expansion of farms, etc 2. Control of epidemics (vaccines)- smallpox, during qing (early 18 th century), 5000 years,
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