Chinese History 3-4-10

Chinese History 3-4-10 - Women Gender and Family 1...

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Women, Gender, and Family 1) Patrilineal: family system that continues along paternal line - Priority to the birth of a son- o give birth to son as early as possible; have as many sons as possible; one or two sons cannot guarantee continuation of family line; all ancestors would be without sacrifice and no one to burn fake paper money o Biggest offence to ancestors if no continuation of family line o Higher status for mother of son - Early marriage - Concubinage o If woman is 45, you can have more concubines o Concubines depends on status and have strict government regulations o Qing dynasty- no longer has regulation on number of concubines - Family division o Every son has an equal share from the parents; rationale: all boys that will have a means to start a family and give birth to a son 2) Patriarchal 3) Patrilocal - Describes marriage; wife to relocate and leave maiden family and join husband family Confucian Ideology on Women 1. Gender Roles a. Yin and Yang i. Borrowed from Neoconfucian scholars ii. Yin represented by females; passive, dark iii. Yang represented by male; yang dominates yin; aggressive, strong, bright; sun dominates the moon in cosmology b. Inner and Outer i. Men should be outside the home, women should be inside
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ii. Inner quarters- women should be confined to their rooms in the back of the house; women should avoid physical contact with males; wife should join husband to receive guests; sewing embroidering iii. Confucian liked by government officials; exemplary families to strictly observe Confucian teachings; peasant families- Confucian rules did not exist “Three Obediences”- “San cong si de” Being obedient- women should be submissive to the males in the family
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Chinese History 3-4-10 - Women Gender and Family 1...

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