Chinese History 3-9-2010

Chinese History 3-9-2010 - China was the center of...

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Unformatted text preview: China was the center of civilization Wealth, peace and extraordinary beauty 80% of people till land, technological innovations in Europe unseen on field Salt mines- great imperial monopoly, 1287- Marco Polo came from Venice to seek wealth, streets and waterways carry provisions for inhabitants, amply provided with means to live Kubhulai Khan- Confucian values based off family, family relationship is the base upon which other relationships should follow; filial piety could equal loyalty to govt Chinese farmers depend on flow of river, Li Beng designed system of canals to control irrigation and waterways Civil service- song dynasty- only legitimate path to status and legitimacy- Social status and prosperity of family depends on civil service First priority of agriculture system-- Green revolution, govt disseminated inventions and took advantage of inventions of inventions made anywhere- Song encyclopedia; chapper rice- fast growing strain, double/triple cropping possible Emperor ruled by Mandate of Heaven- heaven showed by absence of disaster that heaven was ruling well...
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Chinese History 3-9-2010 - China was the center of...

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