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chinese history book notes

chinese history book notes - 6/7 of population lives on the...

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Introduction: Approaches to Understanding China’s History China failure due to: (Nathan Sivin, p.3) 1. Lack of combination of science and technology 2. Relative lack of Chinese mathematical innovations because of convenience of abacus Chinese first to develop autocratic government; presaged modern European absolutist state Geography: The Contrast of North and South Utilization of all arable land for growing crops and requires higher population density than US
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Unformatted text preview: 6/7 of population lives on the 1/3 of land that is cultivable 2,000 people on each square cultivable mile North China: dry wheat-millet South China- moist rice growing Division along line halfway between Yellow River and Yangzi River on 33 rd parallel Variability of rainfall leads to potential drought and famine...
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  • Spring '07
  • Boretz
  • History of China, higher population density, absolutist state Geography, History China failure, China- moist rice

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