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August 30, 2007 Argentina Documentary -Juan Peron bought the train from the English and gave it to Argentina. -He was overthrown buy the army and put in jail. Soon Buenos Aires was flooded with the workers who demanded the release of him. -He was then elected president. -Eva Peron, his wife, was a poor child but married peron and she became an inspiration to the poor. -Juan united the working class, but there was other politicians who would oppress the working class. -Carlos Menem-Pres.(1989-1999) he was a peronist, but he implemented more liberal policies. Recurring Themes in Latin America -1. Wealth Disparity- Argentina the worst distribution of wealth in the world. -2. Fragmentation- Political Parties in Latin America do not channel problems well with each other. -3. Foreign Influence- British own railways until the 1940’s and owned most the beef industry.
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Unformatted text preview: Argentina was very dependent on the global economy.-4. Military Intervention Politics- -5. Economic Instability- many years of Argentina boom followed by many years of economic recession. -6. Economic Poverty- Argentina began the 19 th century very rich, but soon declined in the 1900’s.-7. Political Instability- regimes changed a lot in Latin America. Lots of jumping back and forth which tends to cause violence. -8. Authoritarianism- Did not get democracy right until the 1980’s. -9. Democratization- Began in the 1980’s for Argentina. -10. Populism- feature of govt. during Peron’s time. Leader who appeals to less advantaged groups. ie:working class, poor. Populism tends to embody more inverventionalist economic policy. Entails a cult of popularity around one person and their ideals....
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