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EE 370 Control Theory Course Outline Instructor: Maryam Moussavi, Ph.D. Office: ECS 509 Email: [email protected] Office Hours : TBD Textbook: “ Design of Feedback Control Systems ”, by Stefani, Shahian, Savant and Hostetter, Oxford Publication,, 4 th ed. , ISBN: 0-19-514249-7 Tentative Schedule: Chapter 1- Conceptual review – systems, models, controller, feedback, I-O, System Dynamics, Electrical Systems, Review of Differential Equations, Laplace Operator, vectors and matrices, Transfer Function, Matlab review, followed by block diagram and Signal Flow. Estimated time: Three weeks Quiz #1 Chapter 2: First order and second order system response for continuous time systems, stability test , Ruth Horowitz Testing, Parameter shifting, Estimated time: two weeks Quiz #2 Chapter 3 – Tracking system, Forced Response, Error analysis and Performance, Performance indices
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Unformatted text preview: and Optimal systems, sensitivity, Time Domain Design, Estimated time: three weeks Midterm Chapter 4 – Root Locus Analysis, Pole Zero Plot, Root Locus of Feedback systems, calibration, design concepts, Artificial Limb, and Bionic Eye Projects from the book., Estimated time: two weeks. Quiz #3 Chapter 6 – Forced Sinusoidal Response, Low and High frequency response, magnitude in dB, Nyquist Plot, Gain and Phase Margins. Estimated time: three weeks Quiz #4 Chapter 8 – introduction to State Space Analysis, review for final exam. Estimated time: two weeks . Grading: Each quiz is worth 10% of your grade. Midterm and a comprehensive final are worth %30 of your grade....
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