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Organizational Behavior Exam 2 - Name Favorite Snack...

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Name:___________________ Favorite Snack:___________________ Organizational Behavior Essay Exam 2 (email to: [email protected] ) Please answer 4 of the following 6 questions (no short answers or simple rehash of the books information will be accepted). Please develop logical thoughts and augments that concretely demonstrate your mastery of the concepts and use of the knowledge. Note a “section” of text means a few pages that explain with an entire concept in the book such as definition, examples, a case, and/or explanation by the author, your professor and your experience (life). Three part questions below! 1. Choose a section of Chapter 5 (Perception and Individual Decision Making) explain how you understand the concepts you choose to discuss from the book’s chapter. Then give an (or some) example(s) of how you see the concepts at work in reality. Finally, how will you leverage your knowledge and understanding of this concept to benefit you in the real world of business (or life)?
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