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Brochure More information from Organic and Physical Chemistry of Polymers Description: This book provides a thorough introduction to the fundamentals of polymer science, including their structure and synthesis as well as their chemical and physical properties. Covering a wide spectrum of modern polymer science, the book discusses such topics as: the structure of polymers, thermodynamics, conformation, morphology, measurements of molar masses, polymerization mechanisms, reactions of polymers, block and graft polymers, complex topologies, as well as mechanical properties, rheology, fabrication, molding, fibers, films, and various classes of industrially important polymers. Key Features: - Emphasizes the interdisciplinary nature of polymers, and stresses the link between their synthesis and their structure/properties - Covers both molecular and supramolecular aspects of polymer chemistry - Foreward by Nobel Prize-winner Jean-Marie Lehn Contents:
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organic_and_physical_chemistry_of_polymers - Brochure More...

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