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CHEM 3570 - Midterm II (Chapters 4, 5.18-5.19, 6, 7.1-7.11) Some of the key topics we have discussed Alkenes (E/Z) – double bond stability (hyperconjugation) Markovnikov Rule (carbocation stability) – 3°>2°>1°>primary C + Carbocation rearrangements (1,2-H or alkyl shifts) – strain/resonance Bromonium, chloronium, iodionium and mercuronium ions Syn and Anti Addition reactions Hydroboration/oxidation (Sterics – an example of syn addition reaction) Oxymercuration/reduction (an example of anti addition reaction) Mechanism – arrow pushing Synthesis (chemical reactions in a sequence: 2 or more steps) Keto-Enol Tautomerization Terminal Alkyne pkA – nucleophilicity (alkylation) We have already seen most of chapter 7 (resonance ) (I will not ask you to draw ANY MO orbital diagrams) Dienes/Trienes – chemical reactions + resonance/pkA (7.10 and 7.11) Chemical Reactions: We have learned how the following reagents react with double and triple bonds: 1) HCl, HBr or HI, 2) Br 2 , Cl 2
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