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September 4 - 1965-From 1910-1919 there were about 24...

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September 4, 2007 Panorama of Latin American Politics, Economics, and Society - Concepts: Defining Political Regimes - Democracy: o 1. Free and Fair elections with full adult suffrage. No discrimination, No electoral intimidation, No Fraud, No restrictions on who can run for office. o 2. Real Competition among elites for power. No one political party can dominate. o 3. Protection from arbitrary state action: guarantees of basic freedoms. - Oligarchy- Competition among elites without full adult suffrage. o Rule by a few - Authoritarianism- No open competition among elites, no suffrage, and no guarantees of basic rights. o Military Regimes - Semi-Democracy: Brazilian military regime held elections for governor and mayor. They were free and fair, but they did not hold presidential elections. o They would kill people or not let them vote because they threatened the regime. o Chavez regime - The number of democracies in Latin America has gone in waves and has not grown steadily. - High number of oligarchies at the turn of the century that died down by the
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Unformatted text preview: 1965. -From 1910-1919 there were about 24 military coups.-But not all countries “cycled” between military and democratic regimes. o 1. Mexico was under a very stable, civil dictatorship from 1924 to 2000 for two reasons. Military was reasonably well behaved. Military as an institution was not governing. They played a security role o El Salvador and Nicaragua were strictly authoritarian up until 1990. o Venezuela, Colombia, and Costa Rica founded democratic regimes that began in the 1950’s and still exist to the day (??). Colombia and Venezuela are struggling today from a democratic standpoint. o And of course, then there’s Cuba… Authoritarian regime has never been democratic.-In the 1950’s had Latin America the second wealthiest region but that has slowed relatively to other regions.-Latin America has the highest degree of income inequality in the world....
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September 4 - 1965-From 1910-1919 there were about 24...

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