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Lab Report 3, Force and Potential Energy

Lab Report 3, Force and Potential Energy - B randon...

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Brandon Magalhaes UTEID – bam2734 Partner: Joseph Lam Experiment 3: Force and Potential Energy Introduction – For this lab we will be testing to see whether an object in a potential field will experience a force due to it. For the experiment, our field will be a magnetic field which will repel a glider (along the track) with a magnet attached to it. By placing a photogate some small distance from the field we will be able to measure the gliders velocity and in turn, its kinetic energy that was once potential energy. This will show us how the force is dependent on the change in the potential field, and the equation to model the relation should be the negative spatial derivative of the potential function if Newtonian physics predictions hold true. Conclusion –We attempted to see whether the force that a magnetic field put on our glider equals the negative derivative of our potential and how it compares to the force m*g, which for both it compared relatively well.
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