Snap Ring Pliers Manufacturing Process

Snap Ring Pliers Manufacturing Process - to conform to the...

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Snap Ring Pliers Manufacturing Process The handles – or lever arms - for the snap ring pliers are made of high quality, polished stainless steel. They are formed through a process called drop forging in which the heated steel is put in a die and punch, after which a ram either powered by air or hydraulics is dropped onto the handle, supplying anywhere from 11,000 to 425,000 pounds of force, causing the malleable heated metal
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Unformatted text preview: to conform to the shape of the die, this process may be repeated several times to achieve the shape. The ram is removed and what remains is the piece with some leftover metal that was flattened outwards as the ram compressed it. This is called the flash which is trimmed for the final product. Anderson, M., Pliers 101 , , 2004....
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