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Final Paper - Jim Stanley Prof. Flomenhoft CDAE 06 December...

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Jim Stanley Prof . Flomenhoft CDAE 06 December 10, 2009 Cornucopians and Cassandras: The Future of Energy Currently in the energy, environmental, and natural resources fields, there is a debate raging as to how humanity will supply its growing populations increasing energy demand . On one side of the debate there are the Cornucopians, who believe that the huge amount of natural resources available, combined with improvements in the efficiency with which we consume energy mean that people will have enough energy and resources to fulfill humanity’s needs indefinitely . On the opposite side of the debate are Cassandras . They believe that the resources consumed by humanity are finite, and when combined with a growing population, will eventually run out . Cassandras were named for the Greek goddess Cassandra, who was blessed with the gift of prophecy, but cursed so that nobody would believe her . Personally, I believe that earth’s energy resources are finite, however I also believe that humanity will develop new sources of energy to fulfill its needs . This is not to say that we should wait until we run out of fossil fuels to develop new forms of energy, due to the large environmental impact fossil fuels have
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Final Paper - Jim Stanley Prof. Flomenhoft CDAE 06 December...

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