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RE-ch1 - th century 10 3 People in Europe and the Former...

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Chapter 1 1. Definitions a. 3 basic units in the SI system: Meter , Kilogram , Second b. Newton: The force which will accelerate a mass of one kg at a rate of one meter per second c. Joule: The energy supplied by a force of one Newton in causing movement through one meter d. 1st Law of Thermodynamics: The conservation of energy 2. Consumption of primary energy increased _______times in the 20
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Unformatted text preview: th century: 10 3. People in Europe and the Former Soviet Union use what fraction of US energy consumption per person: 1/2 4. Peak production of natural gas is expected when? 2030 5. Global CO2 level in 1880 and 2000: 290ppm, 365ppm 6. Change in global mean temperature from1860 to 2000 in degrees C: 7.5 7. What is that in Fahrenheit? 45...
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