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RE-ch2 - Chapter 2 Solar thermal 1 Definitions a Power...

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Chapter 2 Solar thermal 1. Definitions a. Power density of 1 “SUN” in kW/m 2 : b. Transmittance: The fraction of light able to pass through glass c. Conduction: The transfer of heat energy to adjacent molecules from an area of higher temperature to a lower temperature d. Convection: A fluid flow where warm air rises and cool air falls e. Radiation: The transfer of heat energy through empty space from a warm object to a cooler one f. Emissivity: The ability of an object to radiate heat g. Low-E coating: Coatings on double pane windows that cut down on the heat radiated from the inside pane to the outer pane across the air gap h. U-value: A measure of how well a building element conducts heat, i. Absorbtivity: The ability of a surface to absorb the incident solar radiation j. Heat pipe: A hollow tube filled with a liquid at a pressure allowing it to boil at the hot end, and condense back to a liquid at the “cold” end k. Earth sheltering: Building up earth over the back and rear of a building to add thermal mass
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