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Unformatted text preview: RE-Chapter 4 bioenergy 1. Definitions a. Bioenergy: Energy derived from materials that were living relatively recently b. Biomass: All the earth’s living matter c. Biofuels: Fuel made out of recently living organic waste d. Traditional biomass: Biofuel that is burned for cooking & heating e. Photosynthesis: The process where plants turn sunlight into vegetable matter f. Short rotation coppice: A process where trees are cut on every 2 to 4 years and form a copice g. Bagasse: A fibrous residue of sugar cane used as fuel at sugar factories h. Landfill gas: Methane produced by the anaerobic digestion of organic waste in landfills i. Pyrolysis: The production of coal by letting wood smolder for a few days in the absence of air j. Combined cycle gas turbine: A turbine that uses steam and exhaust gasses to run the generator k. Fermentation: An anaerobic biological process where sugars are converted to alcohol by the action of micro-ogranisms l. Transesterification: The process of making biodiesel by adding alcohol to vegetable oil m. Chip shop: The British name for a French fry stand n. CO2 credit: CO2 removed from the atmosphere by a growing crop o. Energy payback ratio: The ratio between energy derived from a source and how much energy is needed to produce it 2. Table 4.2: ratio of energy in oil to air dried wood by weight and by volume. 15/42, 9/34 3. Most widely grown crops for bioenergy? Wheat & Maize 4. The Elean straw plant powers how many homes? 80,000 5. Direct combustion produces what? Ash & volitales 6. Gasification produces? Gaseous Fuel called producer gas 7. Pyrolysis/ liquifaction produces? Bio oil 8. Anaerobic digestion produces? Methane 9. Fermentation produces? Alcohol 10. Extraction (oilseeds) produces? Vegetable Oil 11. In the mid 90’ how many biogas plants were built in China? 5 Million 12. Straight vegetable oil can be blended with diesel in warm climates at what %? 30% 13. Methane traps earth’s radiated heat ______x as much as Co2: 30x ...
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