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Unformatted text preview: RE-Chapter 5 Hydro 1. Definitions a. Effective head: The height through which the water falls b. Flow rate: How much water flows through the turbine in a given length of time c. Turbo-generator: A rotating turbine driven by the water and connected by a common shaft to the rotor of a generator d. Turbine runner: The blades of a turbine and their support structure e. Capacity factor: A plants actual output divided by its maximum possible output f. technical potential: The amount of technically feasible hydropower g. turgo runner: A variaton on the pelton wheel where the double cups are replaced by single, shallower ones with water entering on one side and leaving on the other h. pelton wheel: An impulse turbine using a jet of water aimed at sets of dual cups on the runner to turn the turbine, useful in high head schemes i. francis runner: An inward flow, reaction turbine j. Kaplan runner: A variable pitch propeller turbine k. Small-scale hydro: <5 MW to <30MW plants l. Pumped storage: A hydro scheme where water is pumped up into a reservoir during periods of low demand to be released & used when demand is high 2. 3. 4. 5. What % of renewable electricity is from hydro? 90% Figure 5.7: What is the pressure in atmospheres at 164 foot depth in water? 6 Output of hydro as % of technical potential for N. America and Africa. 40%, 4.2% Figure 5.23: If you had a head of 10 meters and flow of 10 cubic meters/sec which turbine would you use? Francis or Kaplan 6. Name 3 impulse turbines: Pelton, Turgo, Cross Flow 7. When would you use a turgo runner instead of a pelton wheel? When the flow of water is higher and the head is lower 8. Summarize your opinion of 3 Gorges dam based on Info in box 5.13 and pros and cons in Table 5.8 ...
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