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Unformatted text preview: RE-Chapter 6 Tidal power 1. Definitions a. Barrage: Low dams build across estuaries for tidal power generation b. Ebb, flood and two way operation: A scheme that generates when the tide is going out, a scheme that generates when the tide is going it, a scheme that generates then the tide is going in or out c. Bulb turbine: A turbine with the generator in a watertight bulb submerged in the flow d. Straflo/rim turbine: A turbine with the generator mounted radially around the rim, with only the runner in the flow e. Tubular turbine: A turbine with the runner set at an angle so that it turns a shaft that runs an external generator f. Flood pumping: A scheme where water is pumped into a reservoir as the tide is going in to increase the capacity of the system when the tide ebbs g. Turbidity: The amount of sediment suspended in the water h. Load factor: The percentage of time a plant can deliver power i. Bounded reservoir: Offshore enclosed tidal reservoirs 2. Spring and neap tides are caused by what? The angle of the sun either adding to or taking away from the moon’s action on the tides 3. Resonance effects explain what? Why tide ranges are greater further in an estuary 4. 3 Main tidal power sites in the world? Bay of Fundy, Mezeh, Tugur 5. Total realistically recoverable energy from tides? 1000GW 6. Difference between tidal stream and ocean stream? Tidal Streams are caused by the gravity of the moon, ocean streams are currents caused by temperature gradients 7. Name 3 different ocean or tidal current generators. Stingray, Marine Current Turbine, IT power Tidal concept ...
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