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Unformatted text preview: RE-Chapter 8 wave energy 1. Definitions a. Tapchan: A wave power scheme using a tapered channel to raise waves to fill a reservoir that is drained to power a turbine b. Oscillating water column (OWC): A wave power scheme where waves compress air in an enclosed space to run a Wells Turbine which is powered by air c. Fetch: The distance wind blows over an open body of water to generate waves d. Refraction: The phenomenon that causes waves to break parallel to the shorline 2. Name 5 Floating wave energy converters. Whale, Backward Bent Duct Buoy, Floating Wave Power Vessel, the Clam, the Duck 3. Describe one. The Floating Wave Power Vessel is moored in shallow water, & acts like a tapchan device 4. Name 3 tethered devices: Hose pump wave energy converter, Interproject Service Converter, 5. Describe one. A hose pump wave energy converter uses the action of waves to pump water to a reservoir on land, where it is used to power a pelton wheel 6. What does CO2 have to do with the economic feasibility of wave power? ...
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